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Alternatively Spirited

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I am currently over a year sober and it is really important to me to continue this lifestyle choice for a while--maybe forever. I never exactly had a great relationship with alcohol which started when I was 14 years old. I found that drinking was making me tired and I was noticing lots of brain fog which was affecting my short-term memory. I also just wanted to feel good and learn to have fun or be comfortable in social settings without it. So, I took the plunge, hopped on the bandwagon, and sobered up.

At first, it was difficult with the influx of alcohol visuals that were (and still are) constantly thrust in our faces every day including advertisements, funny memes, and happy hour invites--to name a few. Even going to out to eat at restaurants or joining friends out at a bar, some waiters have not been happy that I wasn't drinking, and thus, my bill (their tip) wouldn't be as high. The most difficult thing though has been sitting with the uncomfortable feelings without reaching for a drink to numb them. Whether it be stress or anxiety or sadness. I know now that it wasn't serving me to numb those feelings--and it takes a lot of inner strength to battle through them sober. It's something that I've had to overcome and it continues to challenge me while navigating this new lifestyle. I am grateful that I got sober before the pandemic hit. Because this year has been especially difficult.

It has gotten a lot easier to let the societal pressures roll off especially because I am loving the health benefits of being sober. I have so much more energy and my mental acuity has improved significantly. I also have found that working out has helped push through the times when my emotions are getting the better of me. So, being stronger and more fit combined with more money in my savings account has been all around positive.

I have spent the year trying to find great non-alcoholic alternatives that I wanted to share. It was particularly important to me that the alternatives had healthy ingredients and low-sugar because diabetes runs in my family. Here are some of my current favorites below.

Kin Euphorics

Full of adaptogens, nootropics and botanicals (all the bougie wellness stuff) this blended drink calms me and helps me to de-stress at the end of a hard day and I wake-up feeling great. I've tried all three but the Kin Spritz and Kin Rhode (mixed with Poppi, see below) are my favorites.


Collagen sparkling tea. We lose natural collagen in our face and bodies when we age, so SkinTe beauty drink helps replace that. White tea ginger is my favorite flavor and has only 5g of sugar. Though, I wish the cans were a little smaller. 12 oz. is a lot of beverage, for me.


Poppi is full of prebiotics (as opposed to probiotics) so it helps aid in a healthy gut and with digestion and bloating. Raspberry Rose, Blueberry and Strawberry Lemonade are my favorite flavors.

The Republic of Tea

When I was planning for an 8-week anti-inflammatory cleanse as part of Dr. Will Cole's The Inflammation Spectrum book, I was doing a lot of research to see what would be compliant with the tough restrictions that he suggests. So, I found lots of herbal teas and these three are my favorites: Beautifying Botanicals Tea, Beauty Sleep and Daily Beauty; also Cardamon Cinnamon. I also love a good Matcha latte in the afternoons, which I make with coconut sugar, vanilla and almond milk.

Sleep Therapy

Not a beverage, but when I first stopped drinking, my body took a little time to adjust. So I was having trouble falling asleep without the glass (or two) of wine. I found these amazing Winged CBD gummies that helped a lot. Also, back in stock are the Knock Me Out Goop chews. You won't be disappointed.

What alternative beverages do you enjoy? Are you sober curious or living sober? If so, how has being sober changed your life?

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